self worth // self care

you are enough, just as you are

Most of my clients are seekers. If you are a seeker, you are likely deeply curious about who you are, your place in the universe, and you are looking for a sense of purpose. It can feel very disturbing to be uncertain about your identity, or your self worth, and many of my clients would identify themselves as perfectionists as a result; not being connected to an inherent sense of self worth, you may have experienced a desire to "earn" your worth by being perfect. When you inevitably “fail” to be perfect, (because perfection is impossible) you may feel intense shame. This results in a negative cycle of self doubt and judgement. Anxiety and depression symptoms are the tip of the ice berg, but oftentimes there's more beneath the surface having to do with self love and self worth.


Self Worth

If we determine together that self worth is an area in which you could use some therapeutic support, treatment will likely include the following:

  • examination of your earliest attachments

We’ll explore your early relationships with others (often friends and family members), identifying specific thoughts and beliefs that you have internalized as true about yourself through these interactions. Oftentimes, people react to mistreatment, bullying, or invalidating other experiences by concluding that they are not worthy of receiving the care and affection they deserve.

  • “un-learning” negative, inaccurate beliefs

Once we have utilized your past experiences to identify specific thought patterns that contribute to low self worth, therapy with me generally progresses with evidence based practices, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and mindfulness meditation; with these methods we can essentially re-wire your brain. By using a variety of techniques, you and I will work together to challenge, reframe, and ultimately change the way you think and feel about yourself.

  • development of enriching, dynamic self care practices

As your thoughts about yourself change and shift, so too will your behavior. Read more below about how therapy can assist you in intentionally and thoughtfully constructing rituals that communicate self love.

Self Care

Self care is a buzz word at the moment, but it is often incorrectly portrayed as being all about bubble baths and relaxation. Certainly self care can include those things, but it is so much more than that. Self care is about investing in ourselves, whatever that looks like. It’s about learning what we need to feel our best and then advocating for ourselves to achieve that.

Self care is different for each person. Depending on your unique experiences and needs, it might involve sleeping in, or it might involve getting up early. It might mean cleaning your living space, or it might mean going for a walk. Sometimes it looks like slowing down and other times it looks like learning to access the motivation and energy to do more. Oftentimes, self care includes ritualized activities that communicate our intent to love and care deeply for ourselves.

Using a variety of tools and measures, therapy will include a process of strengthening what is already working well for you, and identifying areas of your self care routine that could use work.