you may experience physical symptoms of anxiety in the form of:

headaches or stomachaches

becoming lightheaded


shortness of breath or chest pain

racing thoughts


increased heart rate

dry mouth


you are not alone

Anxiety is natural, common, and treatable. You are absolutely not alone. In fact, the American Psychological Association estimates that about 18% of adults in the United States meet criteria for an anxiety disorder. An important thing to recognize about your experience of anxiety, is that it is inherited from your earliest ancestors. Back before humans were at the top of the food chain, anxiety was a key survival tool; we exist today because our ancestors were naturally nervous. Anxiety can be beneficial to us in some cases; it may keep us safe by reminding us to be aware of potential dangers. But it is harmful to us if we start to feel frightened or stressed even when we aren’t in danger. Anxiety treatment with me will involve learning to understand your anxiety, when you need it and - more importantly - when you don’t.

Beyond this biological predisposition for anxiety, there are lots of things that we continue to experience on a daily basis that may trigger worry and stress. Some common anxiety triggers include:

  • life changes and adjustments

  • school or work related stress

  • perfectionism and self judgement

  • family/interpersonal conflict

  • frightening life events

  • physical illness or chronic pain

Whether you feel anxiety in your body or are more aware of the anxious content of your thoughts, there are ways to reduce the pain. Reach out to me and schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how anxiety treatment might look for you.